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Post last updated on 1 May 2021

How to unlock your FIRST Exotic Animal in Farmville 3 - Animals game!

Many players having problem unable to obtain or get or unlock their first Exotic Animal. Today we are going to tell you the secret on how to solve the issue.

But first of all, lets look at what the issue was and why it happens.

What's the issue?

You have leveled up to more than Level 9 and now have unlocked Exotic Animals and Ranger Missions. But when you want to play Ranger Mission, you noticed you need to have at least 1 Exotic Animal first.

Then you go to Merchant in order to buy it but then the Merchant says you have to do at least 1 Ranger Mission first! 🤷

Which 1 is it?? 🤦

Why this happens?

This is because there is a bug in the game and the developer is fixing it.

Then, how do we get our Exotic Animal?

There are 3 suggestions from us. But first of all, please check if you really can't get your first Exotic Animal from the Merchant before proceeding.

Option 1: just wait.

Yep, just wait until Zynga fixed it 😁. I'm kidding! Just joking guys 😅. Please use either option 2 or 3.

Option 2: clearing rubbles.

This option is more difficult.

Sometimes clearing rubbles including the trees and berries will drop an Exotic Animal chest. You then can open this chest (open price is random, sometimes Gems, sometimes Coins, sometimes Keys) then receive your first Exotic Animal.

Option 3: ask from Zynga.

This is our recommended option.

Since this bug is a known issue, the support team will be able to help you and send an Exotic Animal to your mailbox.

First, you login to game and tap Setting then tap the Help and Support button to start a chat with Zynga Support team.

Then you explain your issue (like in this section).

You will most likely get the Exotic Animal in your mailbox soon. logo

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