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Post last updated on 22 June 2021

This article is outdated. Refer to latest Museum guide here.

What is Museum Event

This article is outdated. Refer to latest Museum guide here.

Museum Event was introduced in 24th June 2021 in update version 1.9.16747 as an add-on to current co-op Sky Race event. This event is played as both individually and co-op. Main objective in Museum Event is to earn Museum Points by completing Time Limited Tasks around your farm.

The museum points you earn unlock exclusive prizes such as the very rare Blue Exotic Ticket, Limited Time Collectibles, new materials and crafts that will help you earn more points!

This event is available for players Level 13 and above.

There will be 3 new buildings introduced, Museum, Flower Cart and Greenhouse. The Museum will be used to list Tasks available, access rewards and co-op tasks. While Flower Cart will be used to craft Unique Event Items. These items are limited to current event only, so collect as much as possible! Greenhouse will used to search materials for crafting. This search will require some tools that can be found by clearing special rubbles that appear during the event.


Each event will have different theme. Example, first event starting on 24th June 2021 is Beautiful Blooms event. So the limited time items, collectible and rubbles are flower centric.

Each event last for 11 days and will have a cooldown period of 3 days in between events. During the event, some game action such as collecting animals products and harvest crops will have a chance of dropping bonus items. Also there are special rubbles (based on event's theme) that appear around your farm. Make use of those farmhand energy!


This event is not a co-op vs co-op event. The co-op tasks are for unlocking more rewards and better Limited Time Collectibles. There is a Museum co-op Leaderboard to see ranking of your co-op members.

We'll keep on updating Tasks, Rewards and Limited Items for each season, so please check regularly or follow our facebook page to be notified for updates! logo

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