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How to play Ranger Station

Ranger Station is the latest building addition to FarmVille 3 - Animals game. Here we share with you how to play the Ranger Station (Exotic Animals quests) and win great Rewards!

  1. Build the Ranger station (15 woods)
  2. Once it finished, tap on it the Compass Icon at bottom right of your screen
  3. It will open Map screen map screen
  4. The map will list down all the available Quests and the expiry time.
  5. Each quest has different Exotic Animal requirements, different rewards, and different completion time.
  6. Tap one of the flag poles to see details of the quest select quest
  7. Tap and hold the category icon to see the required animal category. Available Category:
    • Desert
    • Snow
    • Forest
    • Mountain
    • Any exotic animal category
  8. Tap and Hold Boost icon (if available) to see what skills an Exotic Animal should have to get better chance at winning.
  9. Tap on Pick Team boost skill
  10. Select animals that have highest chance of winning.
  11. Also match the animals with Skill Boost too
  12. Then tap on the Start button (deduct X amount of feed) start quest
  13. Then it will show a timer of when the quest will be finished.
  14. Nothing else to do. Just wait. wait
  15. Once the quest finished, you can tap on Show Results to see if you've won or lost. finish
  16. If you win, you can collect your Rewards 103358445_158301139085525_5834016578362990060_o result collect rewards logo

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