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Post last updated on 1 May 2021

This guide is outdated and the info is not applicable anymore. If you want to get your first Exotic Animal follow this guide. If you already have Exotic Animals, and want more, just but them from Merchant using Exotic Tickets.

How to get Exotic Animals in Farmville 3 - Animal?

If you're struggling to complete the Boat Delivery, you might want to follow this guide.

The most popular question at the moment. The answer is surprisingly short. Only 1 way! You have to collect Exotic Animals stickers by doing Boat Delivery! To get the stickers you have to at least reach the Tier 2 chest. Remember to do your calculations before loading your items into the crates as you won't be able yo unload it!!

In order to get better Boat Delivery points, you need to upgrade your recipe. How to upgrade your recipe? Stay tune, more tips coming!

boat delivery requirements image Boat delivery requirements Tier 1 rewards image Tier 1 rewards. Notice there is no Exotic Animals Sticker in Tier 1! Tier 2 rewards image Tier 2 rewards. Tier 2 only have 1 Exotic Animal Sticker Tier 3 rewards image Tier 3 rewards. You can get 2 Exotic Animal Stickers from Tier 3

In total, you'll obtain 3 Exotic Animal Stickers once you completed the Boat Delivery.

Won exotic sticker image Won exotic sticker image Won exotic stickers Alongside other rewards image Alongside other rewards such as Gold Coins and Elixirs. logo

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