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How to fish using Fisherman and Fishing House?

You will not able to fish using the Fishing House anymore. Each time you tap on the building it just shows a tutorial as image above, but we have the answer!

You need to tap on Fishing Spots that have 'zzzz' on the waters! Then choose what to fish! Note that there are 2 Fishing Areas available:

  • in the water nearby the Fishing House nearby fishing house
  • in the river nearby the Mine and the hills nearby mine

There is more than 1 fishing spot for each fish.

tuna spot shrimp spot salmon spot tuna spot lobster spot


There is a bug nearby the Fishing House, where you can't clear the Rubble. These rubble were clearable before 15 June 2020 update You may contact Zynga regarding this issue. Unclearable Rubble Unclearable Rubble cleared before update Cleared before update logo

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