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Having trouble completing boat delivery?

Here is a small tips for those unable to complete Boat Delivery hence not getting those precious Exotic Animal stickers. You could upgrade your Recipes to increase the delivery points using the Recipe Upgrade Item Box!

But, to upgrade items I need Exotic Animals?? Yes, but there's alternative such as Coop Rewards and opening chests that appears after clearing rubble.

Exotic Sticker chest image Exotic Sticker chest

You will need to fulfill the requirements to open the chest.

Exotic Sticker chest requirement image Exotic Sticker chest requirement Exotic Sticker chest opened image Once opened, you'll get around 2-3 Exotic Animal Stickers.

Once you have enough items to upgrade, the craft menu will have indicators. Upgrading recipe is a great help to complete Boat delivery and you'll get those Exotic Animals in no time 😉

Items can be upgraded indicator image Items can be upgraded indicator

Tap the up arrow to upgrade image Tap the up arrow to upgrade

Requirement to upgrade met image Requirement to upgrade met and new values for Boat Points

New requirement to upgrade image New requirement to upgrade to the next level shown logo

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