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Post last updated on 1 May 2021

This guide is outdated and the info is not applicable anymore. If you want to get your first Exotic Animal follow this guide. If you already have Exotic Animals, and want more, just but them from Merchant using Exotic Tickets.

Want a GREAT and easy tip to get Exotic Animals?

Many players struggle to obtain Exotic Animals due to high Boat Delivery Points Requirements. Most people need to reach 5400 points to get to 3rd chest which is still high even though you have high boats items. Therefore we are going to share a tip reduce the Boat Points 😍

We called this technique "Boat Fasting" 😁. It has been tested for more than a month. We're able to reduce the points from 5400 to 3000 and even lower.

Boat point 3000 only image easy only image Boat Points 3000 only and can even load low point items!

It is fairly simple.... Just ignore the boat... No joke, just ignore the boat for few days. DO NOT load any items into box! DO NOT send anything. DO NOT send the boat away! Resist your temptation to play the boat! You need to let the boat LEAVE by its OWN!

captain is mad image correct image If you see this means you're doing it correctly.

Do the boat fasting for at least 3 days. And you will notice the points has dropped to below 5000! 🥳 Keep ignoring the boat until the points dropped to your comfort level.

Once you reached the 3rd chest and send the boat, the Boat Points Requirements will start increasing but you can do the Boat Fasting again to keep it at a level comfortable to you.

result image You'll eventually ends up with this message as you have too many Exotic Animals 😁

Once people have enough Exotic Animals, we will share a tip to get Level 2 Exotic Animals 🤩 logo

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