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Some new tips discovered after the update!

But before that let's have a nice laugh. What's funny about Farmville 3 - Animals is it can take hours to just clear a small bush....even longer than in real time!! 😂 What is the most ridiculous timeframe of a task you have faced?

Ridiculous clearing time image Ridiculous clearing time

Remember, watering crops, bushes and trees will NOT instantly grow them anymore! It'll just double up your products 🤗 Our tips: just water the bushes and trees as they are more limited compared to crops.

water crops yield double result image Water crops yield double result

Have you ever wonder what happened to the Common Baby Bottle with latest update of Farmville 3 - Animals? They're gone! BUT the baby grow now is FREE! Go grow your babies 😍

free baby growth image Free baby growth

Instant Growth image Instant Growth!

Don't know what to do with those chests and boxes that appear after clearing rubble in Farmville 3 - Animals? You can't fullfil the requirements to open the boxes? Or Don't want to open them? But they got in your way?

  • You can move them! Just tap and hold on the chest and move it!
  • You can sell them! Just tap and hold the chest, tap on the dollar $ sign. A popup like in picture below appears. Click on Sell and receive your gold! Sell or rotate menu image Sell or rotate menu gold youll receive image Gold you'll receive logo

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