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After 12 March 2020 update, there so many BIG changes!

The animals feeding and production has gone a massive change. There will be separate Feeds for different animals. There is no more different production for same kind of animals. Now a low level eggbird can produce same items as higher level eggbird!

Animal feeding image New Animal Feeding

It's not all gloom with new update of Farmville 3 - animals! There tons of improvements introduced. Now you can see more details on your farmhand skills!

store building image Beau Briggs Details

Plus our favorite update is you now can STORE your unused buildings! 🤩

store building image To store a building, just long tap on it, then click on the empty box.

You can view your stored buildings from the building menu. building stored image Those stored building can be placed back to your farm for FREE!

The delivery orders have new changes as well. And order reset time has increased but you have more chance to get better animals 😁 new order board image New order board

A welcomed update in Farmville 3 - Animals. Smaller animal houses 😘 making more space in our farm! Smaller animal houses image Smaller animal houses logo

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