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Post last updated on 08 December 2023

Sky Race Season 30: Sweet Christmas

Sweet Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Let's celebrate with this special Sky Race theme which include first time ever Feed Maker and Water Well skins!.

This Sweet Christmas theme has ONLY ONE part. This event will start in the next few days. This part last 5 weeks (a season).


Skins for all Buildings, Decorations and Truck will need to be purchased using Sky Tokens instead of Ruby.
So please save up your Sky Tokens.

Sky Tokens required for all Buildings, Decorations and Truck skins:
Season 30: 1,440 sky tokens
(In order to achieve this, you'll have to do 12 tasks of 200 points each week)


Event Date

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Event will be running for 5 weeks starting from:

  • 12 December 2023 until 15 January 2024

You have to be at least Level 20 to receive this event and you must be must be in a co-op.

Sky Shop

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These are all items available to buy in Sweet Christmas. We includes also the maximum number you can buy for an item per season. Note that 1 season will have 4 Seasonal Races and 1 Inter Season Race. Each Race last for 1 week, means a season has 5 weeks.

The items in the Sky Shop will available for a season (5 weeks). Remember to buy the items you need before the season ends!

During Inter Season Race there will be NO SKY TOKENS granted,

Tips: Building's Skins just need to buy 1 time only and can be applied multiple times to existing buildings.

How to apply the skin? For example, we want to apply to Barn. Tap on your Barn, then tap the Brush icon, the choose which Skin to apply.

Sky Shop Table explanation

  • TYPE: What kind of item is this. If it's a skin, means no new Building but the skin will be applied to existing building.
  • LEAGUE: You have to be in a co-op that is in this league to be able to buy this item.
  • MAX PURCHASE: How many time you can purchase this item PER SEASON.

The game doesn't show the number of Max Purchase and how many times have you bought it, so please KEEP TRACK the purchases yourself. Maybe write a note somewhere.

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ItemTypeLeaguePricesMax Purchase
Sweet Christmas Fountain
Sweet Christmas Fountain Skin Wooden
  • 100x Sky Token
Sweet Christmas Barn
Sweet Christmas Barn Skin Copper
  • 150x Sky Token
Sweet Christmas Silo
Sweet Christmas Silo Skin Steel
  • 150x Sky Token
Sweet Christmas Water Tower
Sweet Christmas Water Tower Skin Silver
  • 200x Sky Token
Sweet Christmas House
Sweet Christmas House Skin Gold
  • 250x Sky Token
Sweet Christmas Signboard
Sweet Christmas Signboard Skin Silver
  • 100x Sky Token
Sweet Christmas Water Well
Sweet Christmas Water Well Skin Gold
  • 140x Sky Token
Sweet Christmas Feedmaker
Sweet Christmas Feedmaker Skin Steel
  • 150x Sky Token
Sweet Christmas Truck
Sweet Christmas Truck Skin Gold
  • 200x Sky Token
1x Gold Exotic Token
1x Gold Exotic Token Currency Wooden
  • 75x Sky Token
5x Ruby
5x Ruby Currency Wooden
  • 50x Sky Token
3x Pearl
3x Pearl Currency Wooden
  • 75x Sky Token
50x Farmhand Energy
50x Farmhand Energy Currency Wooden
  • 40x Sky Token
1x Exotic Evolution Chest
1x Exotic Evolution Chest Chest
  • 125x Sky Token
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