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Post last updated on 30 Jan 2022

New Museum Event: Prehistoric Exhibit starting soon

wolly-mammoth Image of Wolly Mammoth - a 3 stars Snow Exotic Animals as the Grand Prize at Phase 3

ram-horn-truck Image of Ram's Horn Truck - a new Skin for your Board Order Truck as the Prize at Phase 2

Prehistoric Exhibit

Date info updated from 8 days to 12 days
Event will be running for 12 days starting from either:

  • 31 January 2022 until 12 February 2022 OR
  • 01 February 2022 until 13 February 2022

You have to be at least Level 13 to receive this event and you must be selected by Zynga to participate in this event.

Update 30 Jan 2022: The event will have Bonus Boosts and similar gameplay as Music Mania.

This event maintains of having 3 phases. Tasks and Rewards will change according to Phases.

How to play

In short, the objective is to complete Museum Tasks to earn points. First, you clear all the Geode Fossils to get the Museum Tool to search for Materials inside Prehistoric Cave. Once you have enough materials, you can craft items inside Prehistoric Tent. Then you can deliver these items as per ordered in Museum.

Long version, your main Task is to deliver Items requested by Museum building. Each Delivery will gives you Event Points.

eventPoint Image of Event Point

The Event Points you earn will unlock Individual Rewards once the points reached it's Milestones. These Points also will be contributed to your Co-op's Points. Co-op Points has it's own Milestones and offer different rewards from Individual Milestones. Milestones points and rewards are listed down in Phases section below.

Fulfill requests

fulfilling order Order fulfilling is done in museum building

The concept is the same as Truck Order Board Delivery. The Museum will list 3 orders. You then deliver those requested items.

The orders will mostly consists of Event Exclusive items but will have a chance of Normal items orders.

There are expiry time for each of the requests. So you will need to fulfill the requests before their timers run out.

Crafting Event Exclusive Items in Prehistoric Tent

crafting-tent Crafting in Prehistoric Tent

All Exclusive Items can only be crafted in Prehistoric Tent. This building is one of the small buildings outside Museum Building.

The better Items (more points) will be unlocked in higher Phases.

In order to craft those Exclusive Items, you will need to obtain the exclusive materials first (refer below section).

Once you have the Materials, just go into Prehistoric Tent and choose which items to make. Tips, pre-make as much items as possible even before it appear in order list.

NameRequired ItemsDurationUnlocked In
Dinosaur Skeleton
  • 2 Paleolithic Fossil
5 minutes Phase 1
Manuscript Tablet
  • 2 Paleolithic Fossil
  • 1 Mammoth Leather
5 minutes Phase 1
Leather Flask
  • 2 Mammoth Leather
  • 1 Plant Fibre
10 minutes Phase 1
Restored Jug
  • 2 Paleolithic Fossil
  • 1 Plant Fibre
10 minutes Phase 1
Primitive Outfit
  • 2 Mammoth Leather
  • 1 Crude Ore
15 minutes Phase 2
Ancient Dagger
  • 3 Paleolithic Fossil
  • 1 Plant Fibre
  • 1 Crude Ore
15 minutes Phase 2
Caveman Footwear
  • 2 Mammoth Leather
  • 1 Crystal Geode
15 minutes Phase 3
Bejeweled Necklace
  • 4 Paleolithic Fossil
  • 2 Plant Fibre
  • 1 Crystal Geode
20 minutes Phase 3

Obtaining exclusive materials

The exclusive materials for this Prehistoric event are:

MaterialRarityUnlocked In
Paleolithic Fossil Common Phase 1
Mammoth Leather Common Phase 1
Plant Fibre Uncommon Phase 1
Crude Ore Rare Phase 2
Crystal Geode Rare Phase 3

How to get those materials:

  • Searching inside another small museum building called Prehistoric Cave using Museum Tools.

Museum tools

These tools are only to be used in Prehistoric Cave to search for Exclusive Materials.

ToolChance to get rare materialsRemarks
Tape Measure Low Free 3 units
Whisk Broom Medium Free 2 units
Excavation Kit High Free 2 units

These tools can be obtained by:

  • Buying the bundles in Merchant
  • Clearing Geode Fossils (highest chance)
  • Harvesting crops, fruits and berries
  • Feeding animals
  • Collecting cooking and crafting items (Bakery, BBQ, Workshop etc)
  • Collecting items from Factories (Recycling Station, Lure Maker etc)

How to use the tools? Just tap the Prehistoric Cave, it will show a menu with those 3 tools. Select which tool to be used (by tapping on it) and tap Search button. Wait for the specified time for the result. Remember using better tool will give better result (more rare materials) and faster searching time.

Geode Fossil

clearing-geode-fossil Clearing Geode Fossil

Geode Fossils are special Rubbles that appear randomly in your farm. These Fossils have varying clearing Energy requirements according to their Levels.
The higher the Fossil's level means the better Tools it will produce.

Fossils clearing Energy differs between Player Level. The higher player level, the higher is Energy Required.

Maximum number of Fossils appearing at same is 5. These Fossils are have their expiry time, so you will need to clear them ASAP.

Each Fossils has spawn cooldown of 1 hour. Meaning, after you cleared a Fossil, you need to wait for at least 1 hour before it starts to reappear again.

NOTE: List below only shows guaranteed Rewards after clearing a Fossil. All of them have small chances to get bonus extra.

Player LevelLevelEnergyRewardsSpawn RateExpiry
     13-31 1 3
  • 1 Tape Measure
30% 2 hours
     13-31 2 7
  • 1 Whisk Broom
40% 2 hours
     13-31 3 9
  • 1 Excavation Kit
30% 2 hours
     32-79 1 4
  • 1 Tape Measure
30% 2 hours
     32-79 2 8
  • 1 Whisk Broom
40% 2 hours
     32-79 3 10
  • 1 Excavation Kit
30% 2 hours
     80-150 1 5
  • 1 Tape Measure
30% 2 hours
     80-150 2 10
  • 1 Whisk Broom
40% 2 hours
     80-150 3 12
  • 1 Excavation Kit
30% 2 hours


Phase 1

Minimum Points to unlock: 0
Points needed to complete: 1200

Phase 1 Individual Rewards
    400 2 Silver Exotic Token
    800 150 Coins
    1200 2 Axes

Phase 2

Minimum Points to unlock: 1200
Points needed to complete: 6000

Phase 2 Individual Rewards
    2400 Animal Chest
    3600 Farmhand Stickers
    4800 250 Coins
    6000 Ram's Horn (Order Board Truck Skin)

Phase 3

Minimum Points to unlock: 6000
Points needed to complete: 15600

Phase 3 Individual Rewards
    8400 Animal Chest (uncommon animals chance)
    10800 Giant Elixirs + 2000 Coins
    13200 Animal Chest (rare animals chance)
    15600 Woolly Mammoth (3 stars Snow Exotic Animal)

Co-op Rewards

Note: No Phases for Co-op Rewards

    2500 Farmhand Stickers
    10000 Animal Chest + 500 coins
    25000 35 gems + 500 coins
    50000 Big Elixirs + 1000 coins
    100000 5 Emeralds + Decorations (rare decorations chance)
    200000 2 Gold Exotic Token logo

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