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Post last updated on 02 May 2023

Happy Mother’s Day

Check event date below!

Marie is so excited for all the animal mamas on the farm!

She’s going to have her hands full making sure they get all the tender loving care they deserve.

She’s set up an animal baby shower table and is set to pamper the animal moms and newborns on the farm.

So put on your gloves and waterproof pants and help her pamper the fur off these adorable moms and babies.

Marie Supermom Skin Image of Marie Supermom - a new Skin for your favorite farmhand, Marie Merryweather Wild Baby Shower Decoration Image of Wild Baby Shower - a new Decoration to be won


Event Date

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Event will be running for 7 days starting from either:

  • 03 May 2023 until 10 May 2023 OR
  • 04 May 2023 until 11 May 2023

NOTE: schedule may be subject to change.

You have to be at least Level 10 to receive this event, Ginny needs to be unlocked as a Farm Hand for this quest. And you must be selected by Zynga to participate in this event.


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tasks list Earn Points by completing Happy Mother’s Day Quest tasks.
  • Breed Animals (80 points)
  • Make Desserts for the party (60 points)
  • Clear Rubble on your farm (15 points)
  • Feed Animals (10 points)

Milestones And Rewards

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Points Required are different betwen Players according to the player's level.
We only show Points for highest tier (level 51-150).

Points RequiredRewardsReward Images
  • Marie Stickers
Marie Stickers
  • Wild Baby Shower (Decoration)
Wild Baby Shower (Decoration)
  • Marie Supermom (Skin)
Marie Supermom (Skin)
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