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Post last updated on 19 March 2023

Harvest Bazaar 2

Harvest Bazaar event will be back soon! Check Event Start Date below!

This event will be player vs player event!

Main gameplay is to fulfill Order Board requests to send whole bunch of Crops, Berries and Fruits to gain Event Point. Note that Avocado, Pineapple and Mango are not included.

This event will bring back Exclusive Order Board Truck Skin! Old Timey Truck (Skin) Old Timey Truck (Skin) -> Use this variation to customize the Order Board Truck.

Instagrow Introducing a new feature called Deal Scout ! You can find it at Merchant store.

This event also will introduce 2 new items, Instagrow and Favor! You'll gonna love them!

Instagrow Instagrow - Used for Instantly growing Crops! Get by delivering Harvest Bazaar Order, ranked well in Leaderboard rewards of Harvest Bazaar and Streak Rewards. Favors Favors - Use your Favors to get great deals from the Deal Scout! Get by delivering Harvest Bazaar Order, ranked well in Leaderboard rewards of Harvest Bazaar and Streak Rewards.

And of course, there will be boosts available to help your tasks!

Silo Storage Boost Increase your storage capacity for a limited time using Gems! Bazaar Token Boost You can use Gems and coins to activate a limited time Boost that will give you bonus Bazaar Tokens.


Event Date

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Event will be running for 12 days starting either from:

  • 22 March 2023 until 03 April 2023 OR
  • 23 March 2023 until 04 April 2023

NOTE: schedule may be subject to change

You have to be at least Level 22 to receive this event and you must be selected by Zynga to participate in this event.

Leaderboard Rewards

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This Harvest Bazaar Event consists of 2 phases. There will be a cooldown period in between each phases.
Each phases will reset the leaderboard.

Each phases have same ranking rewards.

  • 25x Favors
  • 25x Instagrow
  • 25x Water
  • 1x Epic Exotic Token
  • 1x Big Animal Crate
  • 2x Medium Animal Crate
  • 3x Small Animal Box
  • 15x Favors
  • 15x Instagrow
  • 15x Water
  • 1x Medium Animal Crate
  • 2x Small Animal Box
  • 10x Favors
  • 10x Instagrow
  • 5x Favors
  • 5x Instagrow
  • 2x Favors

Streak Rewards

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Finish in the Top 3 in BOTH stages to win the Leaderboard Streak reward!

  • 1x Old Timey Truck (Skin)
  • 10x Favors
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