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Post last updated on 04 December 2023

Animal Rescue 1

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Brand new event! This is the ONLY event that offers 3 Exotic Animals and a Pet as rewards!

It is a mini game that consists of multiple activities such as County Fair, crafting, clearing rubbles and harvesting!
Check out Event Start Date below!

This event will be single player event (NOT a Leaderboard)!

Check out reward images at the bottom of this page.


Gameplay Summary

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Gameplay is as simple as:

  1. Tap the Rescue Tent set up by the waterfalls to enter Animal Search area.
  2. Study the tasks under Collect Materials section.
    Some examples (not limited to) of the tasks:
    • Harvest 2 Hours (or more) crops
    • Complete Order Board Truck Orders
    • Earn County Fair points
    • Collect Animal Products
    • Craft Items
    • Add Animals
    • Harvest Fruits and Berries
    • Clear Rubble
  3. Execute these tasks to gather Materials to craft Search Tools.
    NOTE that these materials have different rarity, so executing tasks won't mean you will always get the materials.
    To increase the chance of Materials dropped, you have to upgrade your Tent using Rescue Token.
  4. Once you gathered enough Materials, you can craft Search Tools in the tent.
  5. You then use the Search Tools to clear the Areas in the Map.
  6. Keep on clearing the Areas to unlock more great rewards as per listed down below!

Event Date

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Event will be running for 28 days starting either from:

  • 07 December 2023 until 04 January 2024 OR
  • 08 December 2023 until 05 January 2024

NOTE: schedule may be subject to change

You have to be at least Level 30 to receive this event and you must be selected by Zynga to participate in this event.

Milestones And Rewards

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Once you've cleared certain number of areas, awesome rewards will be unlocked as below.

Milestones Table explanation

  • PATHS Which path this milestone resides in.
  • AREAS CLEARED Areas Cleared required to complete this Milestone, unlock Reward and unlock next Milestone.
PathsAreas ClearedRewards
     Path 1 2/28
  • 10x Water
     Path 1 4/28
  • 4x Farmhand Trunk
  • 4x Farmhand Trunk
     Path 1 7/28
  • 1x African Elephant
     Path 2 10/28
  • 500x Coin
  • 5x Gem
     Path 2 14/28
  • 1x Brown Macaque Monkey
     Path 3 18/28
  • 7x Storage Upgrade Item Chest
     Path 3 21/28
  • 1x Andean Bear
     Path 4 25/28
  • 500x Coin
  • 5x Gem
     Path 4 28/28
  • 1x Brown Poodle

Reward Images

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African Elephant Info African Elephant - a 3 Stars Forest Exotic Animal won by clearing 7 areas. Brown Macaque Monkey Info Brown Macaque Monkey - a 3 Stars Jungle Exotic Animal won by clearing 14 areas. Andean Bear Info Andean Bear - a 3 Stars Jungle Exotic Animal won by clearing 21 areas. Brown Poodle Brown Poodle - a Pet Dog won by clearing 28 areas.

Bonus Boost Reward

Once you have cleared all 28 Areas, you will be granted an extra Bonus Reward in shape of 7 Days Boost! You can choose ONE (TWO if you've purchased Premium Pass) of these 4 Boost options:

  • Crop Boost - Grow Crops 20% faster
  • Water Well Boost - Water regenerates 25% faster
  • Crafts Boost - Complete craft 20% faster
  • Farmhand Energy Boost - Farmhand Energy regenerates 25% faster logo

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