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Museum Event Guide


Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q

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  • Q: Why I didn't get the event? Why it's saying coming soon for me, while other people are playing? Why this event not available to me?
    A: You have to be at least Level 22 to receive this event and you must be selected by Zynga to participate in this event.
  • Q: Why is my Search Tool process is longer than other players? Why is my Rubbish Clearing Energy Used is higher than other players?
    A: That is a part of Zynga's experiment. Players will have different gameplay.
  • Q: Do I need to use Gems to play and deliver the Orders?
    A: NO. That is a common misconception that is explained here.

What is Museum Event

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Museum Event was introduced in 24th June 2021 in update version 1.9.16747 as an add-on to current co-op Sky Race event. This event is played as both individually and co-op.

It is an event that lasted around 12 days in which you can earn multiple rewards including Limited Truck Skins and 3 Stars Exotic Animals. For each Museum Event, the Truck Skin and Exotic Animal offered will be different.

You have to be at least Level 13 to receive this event and you must be selected by Zynga to participate in this event.

Different Museum Event also will have different Special Rubbles, Tools, and Craft Items. Refer to each Museum event post for details.

Each event will have different theme. Example, first event starting on 24th June 2021 is Beautiful Blooms event. So the limited time items, collectible and rubbles are flower centric.

This event is not a co-op vs co-op event. The co-op tasks are for unlocking more rewards and better Limited Time Collectibles. There is a Museum co-op Leaderboard to see ranking of your co-op members.

We'll keep on updating Tasks, Rewards and Limited Items for each season, so please check regularly or follow our facebook page to be notified for updates!

How to play

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Images used in this guide are from Prehistoric Event but the instructions for each event are the same. Refer to specific Museum event guide to see different images.

The objective is to deliver Museum Orders to earn Event Points and unlocks Rewards by hitting both Individual and Co-op Milestones,

  1. Explore your Farm to find Special Rubbles. They are highlighted. Image below is the sample from Prehistoric Event. Museum Event All Rubbles
  2. Different rubble will have different Clearing Energy requirements and gives Different Search Tools. For more info, refer Special Rubble section below.
  3. Once you have Search Tools, you can use them in Search Building (refer image). Museum Event All Buildings
  4. Tap the Search Building and you will see Search screen. On the Left side, shows the Search Tools you have. Museum Event Search Materials
  5. Tapping each tool will show you the chances to get Special Materials and the time to finish searching. Refer Tools section for more info.
  6. More Materials will be unlocked at later Phases. For more info refer Materials section below.
  7. Choose the fastest Tool available and Tap Start.
  8. Once it finish searching, the Materials can be collected by tapping on them. Museum Event Search Materials Finished
  9. Now that you have some Materials to use for crafting, tap on the Craft Building.
  10. It will show a list of Available Items to be crafted. More items will be unlocked at later Phases.
  11. These Items can only be crafted using Materials that you gathered previously.
  12. Craft as many Items as you can.
  13. Once you have some Items, now you can check List of Orders to deliver.
  14. Tap on Museum Building and you will be greeted by screen below. Museum Event Orders
  15. Orders that you fullfil are marked with Green Ticks and Deliver buttons. Be careful with Button with Gems icon. Refer here for explanation.
  16. Deliver an order by tapping the DELIVER button and gain Event Points.

Note: Instructions above are meant to give you the idea of how to play Museum Event. Once you get the hang of it, you can create your own strategy.
One of strategy you can use is to craft as much items as you can before delivering Orders so that you can hit the Bonus Boost and gain 2x Event Points for 4 hours.

Event Points

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Museum Event Point Sample Event Point from Museum: Prehistoric

The Event Points you earn will unlock Individual Rewards once the points reached it's Milestones. These Points also will be contributed to your Co-op's Points. Co-op Points has it's own Milestones and offer different rewards from Individual Milestones.

Special Rubble

Museum Event Special Rubble banner

Special Rubbles are event exclusive rubbles that appear randomly in your farm. These Special Rubbles have varying clearing Energy requirements according to their Levels.
The higher the Special Rubble's level means the better Search Tools it will produce.

Different Museum Event will have different Rubbles.

Maximum number of Special Rubbles appearing at same is 5. These Special Rubbles have their expiry time, so you will need to clear them ASAP.

Each Special Rubbles has spawn cooldown of 1 hour. Meaning, after you cleared a Special Rubble, you need to wait for at least 1 hour before it starts to reappear again.

Museum Event Rubble Level 1 Museum Event Rubble Level 2 Museum Event Rubble Level 3 Rubble examples with different level, energy and Tools


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These tools are only to be used in Search Building to search for Exclusive Materials.

These tools can be obtained by:

  • Buying the bundles
  • Clearing Geode Fossils (highest chance)
  • Harvesting crops, fruits and berries
  • Feeding animals
  • Collecting cooking and crafting items (Bakery, BBQ, Workshop etc)
  • Collecting items from Factories (Recycling Station, Lure Maker etc)

How to use the tools? Just tap the Search Building, it will show a menu with those 3 tools. Select which tool to be used (by tapping on it) and tap Search button. Wait for the specified time for the result. Remember using better tool will give better result (more rare materials) and faster searching time.


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Event Exclusive Materials are the required items to craft Event Exclusive Items. These Materials can only be used in Crafting Building. However, you still can sell them via Barn or donate to your co-op members.

How to get those materials:

  • Searching inside another small museum building using Museum Tools.

Craft Items

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All Exclusive Items can only be crafted in Crafting Building. This building is one of the small buildings outside Museum Building. Refer image in How to play section above.

The better Items (more points) will be unlocked in higher Phases.

In order to craft those Exclusive Items, you will need to obtain the exclusive materials first (refer Materials sections above section).

Once you have the Materials, just go into Crafting Building and choose which items to make. Tips, pre-make as much items as possible even before it appear in order list.

Common Misconceptions

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One common misconception is you will have to use Gems to deliver orders and play. This happened because when you open the Museum Building and saw that all Orders have Button with Gems. Museum Event No Items

Actually, this scenario only occurs when you don't have enough Items to deliver the orders. Once you have enough items, the button will change to DELIVER. The button with Gems is just an optional mechanism for you to skip crafting items hence speeds winning the Event. Museum Event Can Deliver logo

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