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The game now currently have 12 breeds of Pigs. Table below only list a summary, for more details, visit each of the Pigs page.

Table explanation

  • XP Experience Points earned once a new Pigs were born and the Star icon tapped.
  • LEVEL Pigs will only be available inside Reward Chests once a player reach this level. If the value is n/a means the Pigs can not be obtained via chest, only via breeding.
  • GROWTH Time for a baby to grow. Tips: you can instantly grow a baby using a farmhand at no cost!
Tier 1
5 Common 10 2h
Tier 2
7 Common 14 4h
Tier 3
9 Common 19 8h
Tier 4
11 Uncommon 28 10h
Tier 5
13 Uncommon 37 14h
Tier 6
15 Uncommon 46 20h
Tier 7
17 Rare 50 1d 1h
Tier 8
19 Rare n/a 1d 10h
Tier 9
21 Rare n/a 1d 20h
Tier 10
23 Epic n/a 2d 2h
Tier 11
25 Epic n/a 2d 21h
Tier 12
27 Epic n/a 3d 14h
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