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Animals are the primary items in the game. They are used to produce items that will be ingredients for cooking, crafting, deliveries and doing quests. There are 2 kinds of Animals; Normal and Exotic. This page will cover the Normal Animals info. Head over to Exotic Animals page to get info on Exotic.

Adding new Animals to your farm and clicking the Star icon will give you Experience Points (XP). As of now this is the only way to Level Up in the game. Check respective animal page for details of XP each animal given.

Your Animals are going to need lots of Feed so remember to keep the Feed Maker busy. However Animals can be left untended (without feeding) and won't expire.

Breed Animals to unlock higher tier Animals.

Each animal require a Home before it can produce or breed.

Animals become Elder after their babies grow up. Elder animals do not produce items anymore, but can be sold for great Rewards! Check respective animal page for details on the reward.

List of Animals

The game now currently have 9 Animals and in total of 93 breeds.

12 breeds
12 breeds
12 breeds
9 breeds
12 breeds
9 breeds
9 breeds
9 breeds
9 breeds


How to get Animals

  • By doing Order Board deliveries using Truck. Once the Coins meter filled up, you'll get a Reward Box that contains random Animals.
  • Purchase in the Merchant using either Coins or Gems. Everyday the Merchant will sell different Animals. Their prices varied by animal and how many times you have bought them. Check respective animal page for details.
  • Doing Daily Quest and Repeating Quests. Once you've finished the missions, you will be rewarded with Reward Box that contains random Animals.
  • Clearing rubbles. Once in a while, there will be Animal Boxes dropped randomly after you've finished clearing a Rubble.
  • Breed animals.

Normally a player can get around 8 animals per day. You definitely can get more via Merchant, breed animals and clearing rubbles. And there's no limit on how many animals you can get.

Different Animals unlocks at different player level. Check respective animal list page for info.

Animals house

All Animals require a house for them to live in. A house can contain 2 Animals. Animals that don't live in a house will wander around your farm and will not be to produce, feed and breed.

It is recommended to have at least 4 houses per animal.

There is a limit on maximum number of homeless Animals in your farm. If you have too many homeless Animals, they will automatically go into your Barn. Good news is those Animals will not be counted towards Barn capacity.

How to feed Animals

In this game, feeding is automatically done when you're asking an animal to produce item.

How to produce items from Animals

Producing an item will cost 1 Feed. Different animal consumes different type of Feed. Check respective animal page for details. To produce an item:

  • Tap on the animal's house.
  • A popup of available items will appear.
  • Drag and drop the item into the slot(s).

How to breed or get baby

Only Animals of the same breed can have a baby and the must live in the same house. For example:

  • You need 2 adult Leghorn Chickens to live in same house. The pairing will be done automatically and you wont be able to manually assign them to a house.
  • Once the pairing is complete, a Heart (Love) icon will appear above the animal's head.
  • Tap on the Heart icon and wait around 5 seconds for the baby to appear.
  • Tap the Star icon on the baby's head to get XP.

Note: Top tier Animals will not breed.

How to unlock next tier of an animal

When you breed animals, the born baby is the next tier animal. Once the baby grown up to adult, its tier is unlocked and you'll also unlock its boost if applicable. You can check the animal growth time and boost available by checking respective animal page.

How many states are there

There are only 3 states of an animal. Baby, Adult and Elder. Only Adult animals can produce and breed.

How to sell animals

You can only sell animal that has become Elder. Just tap on the $ sign above the animal and it will be sold. Check respective animal page for details on the reward. logo

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